Computer Classes

Individual Appointments

A 30-minute appointment session starts with calling your branch. The sessions are for a limited lesson and do not take the place of a full class. Individual appointments help with basic computer use, library online resources, and selected questions. Please see the Classes for the Season list below for class schedule.
Staff can coach you to set up an email, use job search tools, and online applications. We can show you how, but you must do the work. You may bring someone to assist with typing needs.

Please tell us what you need so that we know how to best serve you!

  • Camden, Cris Wilson, 803-425-1508,
  • Elgin, Leslie Blaine Roscoe, 803-438-7881,
  • Bethune, Leslie Blaine Roscoe, 803-310-6006,

Computer Classes

All computer classes are limited to five spaces and are for ages 13 and up. Classes are held at the Camden branch.
If you cannot attend a class, please a call and cancel so that someone on the waiting list may come to class.

Enjoying the Computer (for those who have never used a computer before).

Learn the parts of the computer, how to use a mouse and a little terminology.

Enjoying the Internet

Basics of browsing and printing.

Enjoying Word

Basics of word processing.

Enjoying PowerPoint

Create a text and graphic slide show. Knowledge of Word is preferred before this class.

Enjoying Publisher: Greeting Cards

Design a personalized greeting card. Knowledge of Word is preferred before this class.

Excel for New Users: Bare Bones Beginnings for Working with Spreadsheets

This class is for those who have never used Excel before. It will cover the basic information for using a spreadsheet, including creating simple formulas. Knowledge of Word is required for this class.

Enjoying Excel for Home and Office Users: Advanced Skills for Working with Excel

This class is for those who use Excel at home at least once a week or at work on a daily basis. It will cover using a Profit and Loss Statement. Students with questions on an existing spreadsheet may bring it in. Any working spreadsheet brought in must not be proprietary or confidential. Word and basic Excel knowledge are required before this class.